Transport Management Software

Travel and Transportation industries are facing dynamic changes related to scalability, information availability and customer experience. To be competitive Industry players will have to continuously innovate ways to ensure better customers service as well as reduce operational costs through effective use of information technology.

Our in-depth domain knowledge and technological skill sets, helps our customers to address operational, quality, and cost challenges. We bridge the gap between business and technology, with an aim to optimize costs and enhance customer experience.

Softwar Features

  • Transport software with Accounting Facility that is easy to use and flexible.
  • Aimed at Cargo, Full Load, Logistic Transport, Fleet Owner & Transport Contractors
  • You Don't have to understand Complex Transport Terms. Work faster, Can Work from any where and save time
  • Anytime Client Can upgrade software Offline to Our Online Version
  • Scalable from Small Transportes to Large Transpoters
  • Maintain Godown stock,Inward Godown stock, Trip Entry, L.H.C. Register
  • L.R. Print Desing As Per Your Requirments
  • Service Tax Reports
  • Trip Maintance, Truck Avarage, Truck Insurance Reminders, Diesel Expanse Entry
  • Price List, T.B.B., Transport Bill, Supplementary Bill
  • Delivery Of LR, Crosssing, Kasar, Hamali Charges
  • Bill Passing of purchase, fuel and other expenses bill.
  • Automatic revenue & expense booking from transport and fleet operations modules.
  • Effective receivable management control maximizes recovery.
  • Control & Checks while making payments prevents excess or duplicate payments.
  • Administrative expenses are controlled by use of budgets, cost centre and projects.
  • Inter branch accounting.
  • Effective and standardized financial reports like books of accounts, ledger, trial balance , balance sheet and profit & Loss account.
  • Statutory reports on TDS and Service Tax.
  • Expenses analysis by cost centre, projects, month and year.
  • Full Load / Part Load Entry Option
  • Customized Screen Option In Full Load Entry
  • Auto Account Effect in Every Option
  • Track Owner, Truck Driver, Transporters, Party Managment
  • Loading-Unloading, Shortage, Party and Transport Rate Option
  • Expanse entry Per Trip Wise
  • L.R. (Lorry Receipt Entry)/Full Load Entry
  • L.H.C. (Memo Entry)
  • L.H.C. Received Entry
  • Delivery Of L.R.
  • Sales Bill + Transport Bill Options
  • Lr Track and Trip Maintence
  • Mapping different warehouses with respect to space availability as a whole and location (rack wise).
  • Delivery and internal transfer orders from customers.
  • Location wise tracking of inventory.
  • Contracts with service provides of loading, unloading etc.
  • Customer contracts for warehouse rent and handling charges and allowed handling losses.
  • Rent and handling charges Bill and integration with accounts module.
  • Bill passing option for handling charges.
  • Provide inventory information to customer at a click of mouse.
  • Physical Stock Count.

The Benefits Of Our Transportation Management Software:

Our transportation management software offers the business a number of very important benefits, namely:

Optimised Management of Vehicles:

Continuous planning of transport and the logistics involved decreases wasted journeys. ie. Those made without a profitable burden. Increased visibility, through system, of available time allows more effective and efficient use of time.

Cost Saving on Transportation:

With integrated software solutions you are given more control of the execution of activities of the vehicles in your fleet, enabling you to track and trace activities in real-time, ensuring that potential problems are spotted and handled before they actually become problematic.

Flexible Management of Tariffs:

The software allows for an easy and flexible management of your tariffs, payable and receivable, as well as easy updates for increases such as fuel.

Measurement of Lifespan of Order:

Investigation of order history can help you to improve the efficiency of your transportation as well as providing strong performance indicators to enable consistent improvement.

Carbon Emission reduction:

With the growing international concern about the state of the environment the impact of transport emissions is becoming a key focus area in the supply chain. Through improved transport planning and control of the operational execution we can help you make your transportation both cost-effective and Eco-friendly

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