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Automizing A to Z of hospitality services

SP Infocom's Atithi offers a complete range of software solutions that addresses every requirement of the hospitality industry. Athithi has been developed keeping in mind the complexity and inter-connectivity of various functions in the Hotel,Bar & Restaurants.

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Hotel Management

Restaurant Management

Bar Management

Online Booking Engine

We can arrange an Online demo of our Atithi softwares. All software demos can be arranged for you to see Online. You will able to see the complete interactive software demo via internet. It is exactly same as somebody is sitting next to you and showing you demonstration of the software.

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You will love the way our Hotel management system- Atithi integrates all critical operations of your hotel on one platform. Be it your hotel's front desk, accounts, your restaurants or the travel agents you work with, your team will always be up-to-date with real time information at hand.

Atithi-Hotel Management Software is the ultimate hotel management application, designed for multiple computers and network usage. Featuring a whole range of integrated modules, including front desk, housekeeping, accounting, statistics and reports, Atithi offers you an unmatched flexibility in managing your business operations.

Atithi Key Features:

The system is highly configurable to allow the delivery of highly functional systems tailored to meet the wide range of business requirements and methodologies prevalent to hospitality sectors.

Front Office Management:

  • Instant view of total Occupancy Status
  • Quick access to complete Tariff Card
  • Payments settlement by Group owner
  • Payments settlement by individual guest
  • Room services
  • Chargeable inclusions
  • Create coupons for refund
  • Online booking alerts
  • Complete front office operations log
  • Night Audit
  • Counter operations such as Opening Balances/ Add Funds/ Withdraw Funds etc.
  • Search by Booking Number/Guest Name/Room

Reservation Management:

  • Room availability lookup in month/week/day view
  • Allow reservation by Branch users & Hotel Agents
  • Support for Group reservation
  • Auto fill guest details for repeating guests
  • Webcam integration – Capture guest photos
  • Ability to attach scanned files
  • Modify tariffs with appropriate authentication
  • Allow discounts with appropriate authentication
  • Separate invoices for room sharers
  • Auto send SMS & Email to guests upon various events such as Reservations, Check-In, Check-Out, High Balance alert, payment settlement etc.


  • View daily Housekeeping Status
  • Assign HK tasks to HK attendants
  • Update room statuses such as dirty, clean, inspect, repair & touchup
  • Block rooms for maintenance
  • Room level Housekeeping activity log
  • Department wise contact list

Laundry management:

  • Keep track of laundry service requests by in-house guests, corporate guest, inter departments
  • Item wise billing management
  • Charge laundry service charges to room

Corporate and agent booking:

  • Add corporate clients
  • Set corporate credit limits
  • Allow discounts for corporate bookings
  • Allow discounts for corporate employees
  • Add external prepaid and postpaid agents
  • Discount on POS bills for corporate guests
  • Comprehensive reports on corporate consumptions
  • Reports on agent’s commission

Human Resources & work Schedule Key Features:

  • Employee History: The Employee History module is the complete source for accessing all personnel information. Ten different editing tabs provide access to review forms, training logs, employee earnings history, a history log that tracks changes to the employee file, and more.
  • Employee Work Schedule: The Work Schedule function is used to store employees’ availability information and any constraints that need to be considered for rostering.
  • Gang/Crew Management: Create gangs, crews or groups based on their location, skills or preference and assign them to specific shifts or projects.
  • Fatigue Management: To comply with government legislation and to ensure your employees are not overworked, you can create many predefined fatigue management rules such as shift rotation, compulsory days leave between shifts, maximum hours per week, and so on. The rostering process will automatically apply those constraints.
  • Rostering: Atithi's Rostering module not only keeps track of employee and project timesheets, it also accurately tracks and forecasts employee absences and staffing needs. The module warns you of scheduling conflicts and helps you minimise over-staffing, which in turn reduces payroll costs.
  • Skills & Certifications: The Skills & Certifications module keeps track of employee qualification and certification details, including the option to set up triggers to send e-mail notifications and automatic updates if certifications need to be renewed.
  • Benefit Management: The Vacation / Holiday / Sick Accrual feature allows users to accrue vacation, holiday, and sick dollar amounts and post them to the General Ledger.
  • Overdue Items Report: The Overdue Items Report screens and prints a listing of items that are past the due date for return by an employee or group of employees.

Inventory Management:

  • Robust Stock management
  • Supports complete procure to pay cycle along with custom approval workflows
  • Create item specific suppliers
  • Auto update inventory count upon fresh arrivals
  • Comprehensive Stock Audit
  • Stock adjustments
  • Manage supplier payments
  • User activity log


  • Payments: Reconcile Payment and invoices, Multi-currency.
  • Expenses: Simple/Accrual expense, Expense with TDS Payable
  • Journal: Make Journal entries.

Restaurant Management

  • Restaurant Inventory Management
  • Stock Management
  • Recipe Management
  • Order Entry
  • Order Tracking
  • Improving Efficiency
  • Preventing Theft
  • Restaurant Billing

Equipment & Vehicle Management:

  • Atithi's Equipment Control module is designed to track and charge your company equipment, tools, and inventory to specific jobs. A single, easy to use module allows you to track all movements of your equipment such as issues and returns.


  • Atithi enables managers to view reporting data in an ‘at-a-glance’ form. Using report snapshots and graphs, they can identify key metrics, such as gross sales, top-selling products, and more.

Atithi Key Benefits:

  • Checking guests in and out, assigning rooms, processing reservations.
  • Keeping track of guest requests, housekeeping tasks, room maintenance.
  • Automate billing (accounts receivables, credit card processing, unit owner accounting).
  • More than 20 reports allow you to report on everything (reservations, accounts, net sales, daily flash, etc.).
  • Group reservations (blocks, route billing, group pickups via the booking engine, dynamic group reporting).
  • You can use it on as many workstations as you want.
  • You may customize it further to suit your needs.

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