Today, the retail industry is facing immense competition from the new digital channels, like e-commerce, m-commerce and social media. Customers are more informed, tech savvy and demands quick and better services. These new dynamics has imposed huge challenges to retail industry in terms of customer services as well as operations and supply chain.

Some of the major challenges faced by Retail industry are:

  • Quick adaptability to rapidly changing market trends
  • Meet ever increasing customers’ expectations
  • Need to get right price with increased consumer price-awareness
  • Intense market competition with a risk to be substituted with another vendor
  • Change in consumer buying pattern with increased expectation for quality service at competitive price

Over tackle these challenges, Information Technology has a very crucial role to play in overall retail industry operations, supply chain and sales & service of retail industry.

How can SP Infocom help you?

Retail customers are no longer loyal to a brand or store or channel. Convenience, promotions, and price points easily lure the consumer away to other stores or channels. The multitude of choices is redefining the omni-channel customers' expectation of experience at every point of shopping, bringing additional focus on increased customer intimacy and channel expansion.

SP Infocom's deep retail expertise and experience helps retail companies combat the twin pressures of competition and consumer price sensitivity by improving the targeting of promotions to the customers, increasing customer loyalty, and improving the performance of key processes to eliminate bottlenecks and increase satisfaction.

  • Application and infrastructure management
  • B2B, B2C portals
  • Point of sale
  • Supply chain
  • Customer relationship management

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