Inventory Management Software

SP Infocom's Inventory Management (IMS) Control maximizes your benefits from just-in-time inventory. IMS provides a complete inventory management solution for you, controlling inventory, tracking items, ensuring adequate supplies, increasing warehouse productivity, and significantly reducing paper flow. IMS's ability to input and track manufacturer's serial numbers, generate and print internal barcodes, and track true cost and warranty sets it apart from any other inventory system.

Features in our Inventory System (IMS)

  • IMS Includes Master Data, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Production, Financial Accounting (FA), Detailed MIS (Management Information Services) Reports etc. Modules and depending on the nature of your business, modules can be customized.
  • Web Enabled Application which can run on a Local Server as well as on Internet/Intranet using Browser Environment.
  • Easy to use and negigate.
  • Simple Interface.
  • Activation / De Activation of Records
  • Summery on Front Page of System where Monthly, Yearly etc. Sales/Purchase/Payment Summery will be displayed on one screen.
  • Auto Emails and SMSes on various events.
  • Truly Multi Company with Multiple Business Units / Branches Environment
  • No Restriction/Add on Charges on Multi Company/Multiple Business Units/Multiple Branch/Multiple Users
  • Extensive Search Facility in all major forms along with Date Filters, Various Search Options, Various Sort Options, Ascending Order Or Descending Order Display Options, No. of Records per Page View Options to be selected by the user.
  • Sorting Options after the Search is made on various Headers which are part of the Search Results in Ascending Order Or Descending Order.
  • Full Screen Display with easy to navigate and access Menus in Logical Order.
  • Sales & Purchase Product Name Printing in reports can be in User Defined Manner (Apart from actual Product Name)
  • Inventory Concept with Multiple Stores and Complete Control on the Supplier Inventory given as Outsourcing Jobs Manufacturing.
  • Product Classifications on the basis of Product Category, Easy Definition of Multiple Classifications in Speedy Manner while Creating Products.
  • Manufacturing & Consumable Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Tree Structure Definition of Accounting Groups
  • Printing Options With Or Without Company Letter Heads
  • Client Raw Database for General Enquiries
  • All Reports to be Printed With or Without Letter Heads, Can Be Exported to various Formats like PDF, RTF, Excel etc.
  • All Documents can be Exported to PDF and can be sent via email.
  • Auto Invoicing Facility.
  • Auto Calculation and Report of VAT Return on Sales Bills, Sales Transfer, Sales Return, Purchase Bill, Purchase Transfer, Purchase Return and Expenses Heads.
  • Quick Stock Reports for Inventory
  • Graphical Analysis Reports
  • Graphical Reports with Cumulative Figures of Display for the Financial Year
  • No Need to wait for the Financial Year to End for Trial Balance, Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet Reports. They are all one click away at any time.
  • Auto Backup Facility

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