School/College Management Software

Education institutes must develop technology based learning management systems to stand out in this new digital age.

We developed & enhances the communication between students, teachers, staff, and management by integrating all the functionalities of school environment within a single framework.

Our School ERP software addresses all the processes of the Campus Management by maintaining the student information more efficiently and creating better learning experience with reduced cost to management.

Ultimate ERP software for School, College and Institutes


You should be able to use this software from anywhere with the help of a browser. They are very smart, powerful and very easy to use. Even though to u get to access this software over internet, you need a proper browser to use it.


SP Infocom's Solution has been developed to work really well with mobile phones. This means you can make use of this software without facing any kind of restriction based on location. In addition it is compatible with all the browsers and smart phones. There are not many details that you will have to worry about.


Just about anyone with working knowledge of computers will be able to handle SP Infocom's Solution. The whole software is based on simplicity itself. You will be able to master the running and the functions of the program very easily. We have designed this software while keeping in mind all kinds of users.

Some Awesome Features

Admission Module

It facilitates the user in managing all admission related activities like student admission, fee collection, seat allocation, cancelling the admission, issue of transfer certificate etc.

Teacher Module

Helps in managing all teacher-related activities like 'allotment of classes', 'salary payment', 'class-allotment',' leave calculation', students-parent meetings and many more.

Parent Module

It assists you in managing all parent concerned activities. You can generate reports regarding parent-student meeting, send mails about student performances and meeting schedules

Student Module

Assists in supervising all student activities and their performance. Either class-wise/ individual student reports can be generated, with an option to trace a specific name/roll number.

Fee Module

Fee Module

Gives control over fee concerned tasks. Generates accurate and transparent reports of fee management tasks like 'fee collection', 'discount offered', 'due reports' and' paid reports' etc.

Exam Module

Exam Module

Generate exam schedules within few minutes. You can make an entry or generate reports on exams conducted and send results to students and parents using this feature.

Attendance Module

Attendance Module

A unique feature that allows you to track students' and staff/teachers attendance. You can generate student-wise/class-wise /group-wise reports and faculty/staff-wise reports also.

Send SMS

Send SMS

Send SMS to let parents know of their child's progress, meeting schedules and reminders. Using auto-SMS tool, you can schedule single/bulk SMS on a specific day and time.

Payroll Module

Keep track of everything related to payrolls. By making use of this facility in SPIC's Solution you can generate pay-slips and reports on salaries paid/unpaid, TDS, PFs etc.

Accounting Module

It is a highly transparent system which gifts you supreme control over accounting processes. Just few clicks are enough to view all financial reports (fee paid, salary credited to teachers/staff etc).

Transport Module

A complete solution for your transportation system. Tracks details of routes, trips, fee received and in due etc. Records fuel and related expenditures either on fortnight or monthly basis.

Library Module

Takes care of all library systems and maintains track record of "books arrived" or "books suggested by the students/teachers". Streamlines librarian tasks with options like "search books" / "book reminders".

Blogging/ Sharing Thoughts

Blogging/ Sharing Thoughts

It is a knowledge-sharing platform with strict admin controls. Assists the students and teachers in sharing their thoughts; also in viewing other's blogs and dropping comments

Housing & Hostel Module

Housing & Hostel Module

Manage everything at your school hostel. View reports on number of students or even teachers or other staff members taking hostel facilities. It reduces the efforts and time as well.

Time table Module

Time table Module

Helps you in creation, maintenance and updation of student time tables. You can view class-wise reports as well as staff-wise report and send SMS reminders whenever required.

Homework Module

Homework Module

The homework feature makes daily classroom homework assignments available to students and parents 24-hours a day. Teachers can post assignments to the Parent and Student Portals along with instructions, clarification, and details.

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