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Welcome to the online world of technology and rejuvenate your Petrol Pump with the most demanded software in town.


Fuel is a pioneer in fuel station management software and strives to deliver the best with latest technological advancements.


Welcome to the online world of technology and rejuvenate your Petrol Pump with the most demanded software in town.

Today, when the business environment is so competitive, entrepreneurs are becoming more and more dependent upon technology, such that they can be at par with the latest trend. Keeping this in mind, we have brought in the very efficient petrol pump management software "FUEL" in market that is capable of handling a wide array of activities.

To keep in mind the process of Petrol Pump including Inventory, Accounting, Billing, Machine Reading s, Dip Calculations etc. We developed the our software, which will solve your all Inventory , Accounting and Billing requirements.

You only do the following in the software

  • Feed Closing Meter Reading of the day end or shift end.(if you want to maintain Meter Reading).
  • Feed Credit Sale Slips with slip no, vehicle no, Party, Item and Qty.
  • All of the rest work like Ledger Posting, Sales vouchers, Inventory reports and Billing will be done automatically by the our FUEL Software.


Power packed Solution

Admin Function/ Pump Setting

The Pump Setting modules are designed to manage Dip Charts, Tank, Nozzles, Nozzles Reading, Daily Rate, and lots of more. Overall feature of our Pump Master Setting module is increases the visibility of you tank based item stock and monitoring of day wise nozzle reading.

  • Register Sales Meter Wise & Dip Wise
  • Maintain Tank & Meter Sales Difference
  • Pre - Loaded Dip Charts
  • Density Calculations
  • Decanting Feedings with Purchase
  • Pump Inspection Procedure
  • Delete/Altered Vouchers Log

Inventory Management

FUEL track all Tank (Diesel/Petrol) and Lubes Stock on a single click. You can manage daily fuel rate, stock opening and closing of particular day/period; maintain minimum and maximum stock, and lots of more.

One of the major problems in petrol pump running is the daily position of task wise stocks of HSD , MS & other products, This module enables you to maintain your stocks at it best level. Stock ledger, Stock Summary & Stock valuation Reports gives the actual stock position of the fuel.

  • Auto Stock Valuation
  • Tax Inclusive Rates Option
  • Auto Dr. / Cr. Entries in Sale-Purchase
  • Tank Wise Stock Reports
  • SalesMan Wise Shift Wise Reporting
  • Stock Status/Stock Summary Qty wise or value wise
  • Maintain Daily Sale Reg -Nozzle wise or Dip wise.
  • Stock Inspection/Density Auto Calculated.
  • Periodic Purchase Reg./Sale Reg.
  • Lubes costing
  • Stock Valuation calculated By different Methods: As-Pur. Rate/Sale rate/FIFO.

Billing / Sale

  • Tax Invoice as per GST Compliance
  • Credit Billing (Weekly / Fornightly / Monthly)
  • Vehicle Wise - Product Wise - Party Wise Billing Options
  • Special Discounts Option at the time of Billing
  • Bill Direct Email Facility
  • Consolidated Bill Vehicle wise.
  • Consolidated Bill Date wise.
  • Separate Bill Vehicle wise.
  • Automatic Bill Generate
  • Daily Shift Sheet & Cash tally.
  • It covers the sales of HSD, PETROL, LUBRICANTS etc. On cash or credit basis.

It also covers an efficient slip management system giving the option of Credit bills (Vehicle Wise), Payment outstanding etc.

Dip & Pump

Complete track & control over Dip Reading & Pump Meter Reading.

With an interface on sales & stocks, this system resolves the much needed problem of pump owner that is tracking DIP, METER READING with SALES & PURCHASE giving an effective control of petrol pump to the owner.


The Fuel accounting module system is easy to use and helps the finance team to monitor and control the overall pump activities essential to drive profitability, liquidity and stability.

Fuel accounting system help users achieve end-to-end view of the business finances enabling them to have a sound financial planning and management to ensure sustained growth. It is integrated with sales, purchase, inventory and payroll.

  • Complete Financial Accounting
  • Cash Flow & Funds Flow
  • GST Compliant all Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cr. Limit Set & Auto Block Vehicles
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Profit Comparison
  • All Vat/GST Report
  • Party Points Reports/Profit Loss Report
  • Salesman Wise Reports/Diff Types of Interest Report.
  • Billwise/Slipwise Outstanding
  • Party/Vehicle wise Ledger, Trial Balance / Trading / P & L A/c, Balance Sheet.

Human Resources & Work Schedule Key Features

  • Employee History: The Employee History module is the complete source for accessing all personnel information. Ten different editing tabs provide access to review forms, training logs, employee earnings history, a history log that tracks changes to the employee file, and more.
  • Employee Rate Management: Fuel's Employee Rate Management module allows you to adjust employee pay rates. The system automatically logs any changes in the salary history log for each employee.
  • Employee Work Schedule: The Work Schedule function is used to store employees' availability information and any constraints that need to be considered for rostering.
  • Gang/Crew Management: Create gangs, crews or groups based on their location, skills or preference and assign them to specific shifts or projects.
  • Fatigue Management: To comply with government legislation and to ensure your employees are not overworked, you can create many predefined fatigue management rules such as shift rotation, compulsory days leave between shifts, maximum hours per week, and so on. The rostering process will automatically apply those constraints.
  • Rostering: Fuel's Rostering module not only keeps track of employee and project timesheets, it also accurately tracks and forecasts employee absences and staffing needs. The module warns you of scheduling conflicts and helps you minimise over-staffing, which in turn reduces payroll costs.
  • Skills & Certifications: The Skills & Certifications module keeps track of employee qualification and certification details, including the option to set up triggers to send e-mail notifications and automatic updates if certifications need to be renewed.
  • Benefit Management: The Vacation / Holiday / Sick Accrual feature allows users to accrue vacation, holiday, and sick dollar amounts and post them to the General Ledger.
  • Overdue Items Report: The Overdue Items Report screens and prints a listing of items that are past the due date for return by an employee or group of employees.

Security Summary

Role based security will be provide to the user. Client-server architecture will be followed.


  • Dashboard: Overdue Payables/Receivable charts, Customer Payables/Receivable charts
  • Export: Export payments/invoices and all relevant transactions into Excel & PDF.
  • Customize: Custom Fields Manager, Customize Print
  • Activity Log: Activity Log for all accounting vouchers
  • Email: Email ledger report.
  • SMS Manager: Setup Mobile Numbers for customers, Send SMS for Outstanding Receivables.

Reporting Management

Fuel enables managers to view reporting data in an 'at-a-glance' form. Using report snapshots and graphs, they can identify key metrics, such as gross sales, top-selling products, and more.

  • Financial Reports: Trial balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Drill down on reports
  • Banking Reports: Bank reconciliation report, Reconcile with your Bank statement.
  • Ageing Reports: Overdue Receivables Payables, Customer Receivables.
  • Statuatory Reports: GST data report for easy filing, Service tax report
  • Inventory Reports: Simple Inventory Report, Weighted Average Valuation, Lot / Serial # Report
  • Purchase Reports: Purchase by supplier, Purchase by date.
  • Sales Reports: Today Sales, Local Sales, Interstate Sales, Sales By Customer, Sales By Product, Sales By Date, Sales By Sales Executive, Sales By Sales Area, Sales Return Register
  • Fuel offers you some MIS reports which enable you to run your petroleum business efficient.
  • One such report is daily Sheet which includes pump wise net sales, product wise sale (Quantitative & Value wise) with stock position of HSD , MS , LUBRICANTS on a single sheet.
  • Other reports are Day summary, Party wise/Products wise comparison chart, ageing analysis and many more.
Petrol Pump Management Software by SP Infocom

FUEL Key Benefits:

  • Gain Better Fuel Usage Insights.
  • Reduce Fuel theft.
  • Realtime Alarms & Notifications.
  • Fuel Wastage Detection.
  • Fuel Usage Analytics & Reports.
  • Easily Track Fuel Transactions.
  • Provides accurate and efficient accounting and bookkeeping system.
  • Provides day-to-day visbility.
  • Easy third party integration with financial, customer relationship and other software.
  • Attractive look and feel and tab driven intuitive user interface.
  • Layers of permission privileges to various users across the enterprise.
  • User training, round-the-clock helpdesk, and technical support.

Client Testimonials

Check our customers success stories.

"FUEL has helped me make major improvements to our billing and saves time." FUEL has helped us increase sales at the counter because of fast billing and SMS facilities. Fuel saves a lot of time while tank dip stock calculation and density calculation. Even it saves money through its various reports. We directly email soft copy of bills, ledger etc to our customers which indeed helps us to save time and also courier cost on hard copies.

Kargil Shaheed Vikram Singh Pump

Business Owner, Jaipur

I don't think we can get anything better than this software. One can get anything they want from FUEL from accounting reports to stock reports, credit reports, payroll, attendance, and other things from basic to advance that is required to run a petrol pump effectively. There are so many reports integrated in this software which is excellent for us to use in the pump.

Sumitra Ji Petrol Pump

Business Owner, Noida

Fuel provides accurate reports for managing a Petrol Pump and I definitely recommend it to the petrol pump station owners. The secret behind the success of any petrol pump station is accuracy. All the vital parameters are covered in the Fuel which is comprehensive petrol pump management software.

Shri Sai Filling Station

Business Owner, Hydrabad

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